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Money Making Web-Site

So, you like designing and putting up a website. You enjoy having your own little piece of the internet, huh? How about turning your hobby into a money-making opportunity?

Very few people get to earn money doing what they love. They have little time to spend with family, because they know that putting in those few extra hours each day adds up to a bigger paycheck at the end of the week. Why not grasp the opportunity to make money doing something that you enjoy?

There are a number of ways that you could turn a hobby into a money-making web site, most of which don't require any kind of investment. Just put up a banner here, link there, and you're pretty much set. Based on the amount of traffic you can get to your site, the results will differ. Naturally, more traffic translates into better earnings.

Here are some programs that you may want to check out.

goldenpalaceaffiliates.com: This program offers 50% in the first month and 36% thereafter of total GROSS casino revenue from the players that you refer. Their cost-per-acquisition program pays anywhere from $100 to $250 per player. Along with high conversion rates, this program is impossible to beat.

ReferSpot.com: This is another casino affiliate program, but a little different. Your earnings are based on how many depositing players you refer. The payout scale ranges from 25% to 35%. There is no CPA program available.

ValueClick: ValueClick an easy way for you to set up banner advertisements (and now pay-per-lead and pop-up windows) on your web site without having to seek individual advertisers. By becoming a member site, ValueClick will provide you with HTML code to insert into your web pages. You will be paid based on the number of click-throughs your site generates.

BookMateStore.com: As a BookMateStore affiliate, you make their entire line of exceptional and innovative products immediately available to your visitors and readers and make 8% commission on sales generated by your referred visitors. Also, earn 2% on your second tier.

Expedia.com: By referring your users to this merchant, you can earn a commission whenever users from your website book travel on Expedia.com. The affiliate program pays you for airline, hotel, vacation rental, car, vacation package, and cruise bookings where commission is based on what and how much you sell.

SimplyYouMagazine.com: This affiliate program offers $1 per subscription (at the price of $12 for 12 months).

AllNewsAndMagazines.com: Give your visitors a choice of over 1,350 popular, family friendly magazines and earn 20% in commission.